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        Bayou Dane evolved after I got my first Great Dane, Maggie, in 1994. Before Maggie, I had never even owned a dog, much less a Great Dane!  After some prodding from friends who felt I should have a dog, we went to a local dog show so that I could look at the different breeds and decide which one was right for me. We talked about Poodles, and Poms, and Chihuahuas, and Italian Greyhounds like their Lucy. When I got out of the car in the parking lot, the first dog I saw was a beautiful Great Dane being exercised before going into the ring. It was love at first sight.......I was  in awe of that magnificent creature. My friends practically had to drag me inside, where I found the Dane ring and couldn't be torn away. Out of courtesy, I looked around at some of the other dogs, but I already knew there was going to be a Great Dane in my life. Everyone else thought I should have a little lap dog. What they didn't understand is that if I am going to do something, I do it in a BIG way!

        Maggie arrived on July 2nd, 1994 at the age of 9 weeks. I picked her up at the airport and brought her home. The next day, my 5 year old nephew came to spend a week with me. The two of them bonded and had a very special relationship that lasted all of her life.  Whenever Brandon was at the house, she never left his side and watched over him even while he slept.

    In  early 1998, Gambler (Lagarada Double or Nothin') came to live with us.  He was retired from the show ring and it was a perfect match. He and Maggie became fast friends, and Gambler became the Guardian of his Girls.

    Both Maggie and Gambler received their Canine Good Citizen certificates, and Maggie became a registered pet therapy dog. She was active in pet therapy right up until the time of her death, visiting hospitals, nursing homes, schools and public functions.

    In 1997 I became involved in Great Dane Rescue when the local shelter called me about a deaf white dane that had come in. Because of his wonderful temperament they felt he deserved a chance at a better life. He went to a very special sanctuary for special needs dogs in Maine. I have continued to do rescue independently in the southwest Louisiana area.  I am also a member of the Great Dane Club of Louisiana. 

     My venture into showing came about when I was very fortunate to bring home Rojon's Believe in Magic, aka Quincy or "Q", a beautiful puppy out of Ch Sandyoaks Enduring Freedom and Ch Rojon's Loveletter.  I will always be grateful  to Mary Anne Zanetos for entrusting me with such a wonderful dog and patiently guiding me; to JP and Ingrid for their endless support and mentoring; and to everyone at work for humoring me and cheering on Miss Q!  I will forever be indebted to Quincy's wonderful handler and agent, Paige McCarver, who brought out the best in her and led me through this as gently as possible.

     At the end of March, 2005, I brought home Charlie (Bandire's Travelin' with Charlie), a standard poodle. There is much for me to learn about this breed, but so far it has been nothing but fun and I am looking forward to many years of rewarding activity with Charlie.

    My dogs have taught me a great deal about Great Danes, about dogs, and about life. They have also introduced me to some of the most wonderful people in the world. While I have no interest in breeding my own dogs, I am very interested in the health and welfare of the Great Dane breed. I promote responsible breeding and ownership of dogs through my work in rescue and pet therapy.



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