We are very proud to announce that Charlie received his Canine Good Citizen certificate on July 6, 2005,
at the age of 7 months !
We already knew he was a good citizen, but now it is official ! On to Rally-O !

We know.........Charlie is not a Great Dane! He is a standard poodle. He is going to be a pretty big guy by small dog standards - about 65 pounds.  Quincy brought him home with her from Paige's house after staying over there while she was pursuing her championship. Paige had a litter of beautiful standard poodle puppies when Q got there in early January, and she thought they were pretty cool little dogs (see pictures of her playing in the snow with them). When we got ready to come home, she insisted on bringing Charlie with us, and after meeting him, I had to agree that he was a pretty cool little dog. Obedience, agility and pet therapy are in his future, as well as being Quincy's companion (poor Charlie!).


Charlie hosted  Hurricane Katrina evacuee Suri (Rojon's Suri I Dee Claire) for several weeks before becoming an evacuee himself when Hurricane Rita rolled through southwest Louisiana. The two of them played every day with other evacuees Arthur (Ch Winhurst's We'll Be There) while he was here, and Duncan and Jaeger. More pics coming soon.






Charlie (8 months old) traveled to Midland TX in August 2005


Charlie and Romeo, our house guest for the summer. Charlie
wants to be as big as Romeo when he grows up!



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